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Take Control of Your Health, The Aging Process and Your Overall Wellbeing

WellnessVIP is the Next Generation in Personalized Healthcare

When it comes to health, exercise and diet, one size does not fit all. With WellnessVIP,
you can find out what’s going on inside your body, identify health risks you may not know you have, improve energy, increase weight loss and maximize exercise results. You’ll work with an integrated team of health professionals and coaches who will use your personal biomarker test results to create a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan for weight management, improved fitness, age management and stress reduction. This new level of personalized healthcare is the way to achieve optimal and balanced wellness, prevent chronic disease and manage the aging process.

Why is this important?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified four behaviors (inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and frequent alcohol consumption) as the primary causes of chronic disease in the United State. Chronic disease accounts for 70 percent of all US deaths.

If you have any of the following modifiable risk factors, our well-designed WellnessVIP program can have a positive impact on your long-term health and well-being!

  • Obesity
  • High stress
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood glucose
  • High total cholesterol
  • Physical inactivity
  • Depression
  • Tobacco use

With your WellnessVIP test results, your healthcare provider will:

Determine your disease risk and provide management solutions
Develop a personalized treatment plan that will improve your overall health
Give you a customized lifestyle program focusing on Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management and Your Medications