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WellnessVIP is integral to your goal of optimizing patient outcomes by facilitating the prevention and early detection of disease, while helping guide effective treatment options. Our tests, help you, the provider, in addressing multiple areas of the diagnostic puzzle including micronutrient status, cardiovascular health, metabolic risk, inflammation, genetic predisposition, and hormone health – in short, many of the functional components that comprise total health. These product solutions are also indispensable for the evaluation of autoimmune and neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, rate of aging, psychiatric illness, and general wellness.

In addition to our advanced tests, we offer:

  • A unique, easy to read, color-coded diagnostics report that provides you with a patient-centric communication tool designed to increase compliance, drive outcomes and enhance behavior modification for improved health and wellness.
  • Access to your personal WellnessVIP portal inclusive but not limited to:

    • A dashboard that offers streamlined visualization of all of your patients’ test results with the ability to review trends over time and easily monitor progress
    • Overview of algorithm-driven risk assessment with personalized treatment considerations specifiec to patient results
    • Ability to print or upload WellnessVIP report directly into your EMR
    • Ability to easily determine which patients are due for follow-up testing
    • An interactive communication hub that facilitates education, motivation and communication between healthcare providers, coaches and patients.
  • Lifestyle coaching that is automatically available to your patients so they are motivated to adhere to your treatment plan and make needed changes to decrease disease risk and improve overall health.