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    Sophisticated testing, medication, nutrition
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    Physician, patient, lab, coach and counselor
    working together = improved outcomes

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    For optimal health and long-term
    well-being, WellnessVIP is the answer

A State Of The Art Health and Wellness Program Customized For You!
An evidence-based, cutting edge health and wellness program that uses a unique set of clinical and nutritional biomarkers to measure, monitor and improve your body's state of health. We specialize in characterization of disease risk, personalized disease prevention and optimizing health and long-term well-being.

  PHYSICIANS We'll help provide you with the
best results
  • Biomarkers+Interactive Portal+Coaching
    = Improved Outcomes
  • Why WellnessVIP?
  PATIENTS The  care  that's  right  for  you,
personalized  specifically  for  you
  • How the program works
  • How WellnessVIP can help you
WellnessVIP is committed to providing scientifically superior disease prevention and management solutions coupled with the highest quality of service to healthcare providers and their patients nationwide.
Anti-Aging? Get Up And Move!
A Simple Test to Predict Your Heart Disease
and Stroke Risk
July 13, 2012: Health Matters - A test for inflammation increasingly is being used
to gauge patients risk of cardiovascular disease » Read More
Your Coaches Work with you, your healthcare provider and your personal WellnessVIP test report to create an achievable lifestyle plan. More...
Eat Right, Keep Moving and De-Stress.
WellnessVIP uses a combination of
technology and coaching to decrease
disease risk while optimizing your
overall health.
Learn about our state-of-the-art
lifestyle program encompassing:
nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and medication compliance.

Eat Right

Take the guesswork
out of healthy eating!


Keep Moving

A regular exercise
routine is great for
both body & mind.



'Unwind' well
& you'll improve
your overall health.


Manage Your Meds

The right medication
helps you live better,
healthier & longer.